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Welcome to De Haar Castle Utrecht

In the centre of the Netherlands (near Utrecht and only a 30 minute drive from Amsterdam)

A visit to De Haar is a journey of discovery to a marvellous world. There are only a few castles in Europe that have the same ideal image of a medieval fortress with towers and ramparts, with canals, gates and drawbridges. The castle was entirely restored and partially rebuilt in the late 19th century and it rises like a fairy-tale castle from a park with impressive trees, surrounded by old gardens and ponds.  

Yet this enchanting oasis of harmony and peace is not far from the daily bustle of the city of Utrecht. The unique complex has something to offer for everyone: young and old, the knowledgeable art lover and the casual visitor. De Haar is an unusual and fascinating mixture of the medieval and the modern comforts of the late 19th century.