Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the castle accessible for wheelchairs? 

The park is mostly accessible for wheelchairs. The main roads are asphalted, in other places they are gravel or semi-paved. There also are a few steps in the Roman garden. The park is mostly accessible for wheelchairs. The main roads are asphalted, in other places they are gravel or semi-paved. There also are a few steps in the Roman garden. 

The toilets at the entrance on the Stalplein are wheelchair accessible. 

The castle is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchairs and for people with walking difficulties, due to the many stairs in the castle. 

Rollators, prams and buggies are also not allowed in the castle. You can leave these in the Vestibule (at your own risk). 

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are welcome in our park, provided they are on a leash. We naturally assume that you clean up your dog’s faeces yourself. It is not possible to bring dogs into the castle. 

No matter how small and cute your dogs or puppies are, they should not be brought in in a bag either. We ask you to keep your bag in a locker during your visit, so that is not really cosy for your little four-legged friend. 

What can and cannot I bring into the castle? 

We request that you store your luggage, bags, coats and umbrellas in the appropriate lockers. In addition, the consumption of food in the castle is prohibited. Unfortunately, prams and buggies cannot be taken into the castle. You can leave it in front of the castle entrance and pick it up after your visit. For all rules, consult our houserules here. 

Can I visit the castle with small children? 

Everyone is welcome in the castle. For the young castle visitors there are a variety of quests available in the castle shop. If you want to bring a pram or buggy, this is only possible in the park. It is not possible to bring a buggy or pram into the castle. You can leave it outside (at the entrance) and take it with you after your visit. Do you want to take children in a baby carrier? This is of course possible, but we ask that you carry the child on your stomach. 

Where can I inquire about lost and found objects? 

You can fill in the contact form or call the general information number: 030-6778515. 

Do I have to stick to the timeslot I have reserved?

We ask you to stick to the timeslot as much as possible. It is about a fifteen minute walk from the parking lot to the castle. You can visit the park before or after you castle visit.

Do I have to join a tour?

A guide is available in almost every room in the castle. They are happy to tell you everything about the castle, its history and the flamboyant inhabitants of the castle. Sometimes we offer special tours that go to areas that normally remain closed. If we offer these tours, you will find them as an extra option at the ticket sale.

I would like to take pictures, is that allowed?

Of course you can also capture all the beautiful things you see with photo and video equipment. You cannot flash in the entire castle due to the fragility of the collection. We expect you to take other visitors into account. It is not possible to take photos for commercial purposes without permission. Do you want to do a photoshoot? Please, take a look at ‘photo and film recording’ for all the possibilities.


You can enter the parking lot without a parking ticket. You only need your parking ticket when you leave. You can also use contactless payment when leaving.

Do you offer information in other  languages?

The standard information is available in Dutch, English, German, Spanish and Italian. The audio tour is available in Dutch and English. The guides all speak Dutch and some also speak English or German.

Can I have a picnic in the park?

Yes, of course! We have a special picnic area with a beautiful view of the castle. You can ask for a picnic basket at the Koetshuis, but of course you can also bring your own. Please, take your waste with you and dispose it in the waste bins in the park.

Are there toilets available?

Before you have your ticket scanned, you can use the toilets on the Stalplein. There are also a number of toilets in the castle. These are for castle visitors only.


Can I convert my tickets to another date or time?

On our ticket page, choose ‘I already have a valid Castle ticket’ in the ticket selection, with the number of tickets to be booked.

Then follow the rest of the steps to select your new date and timeslot. If you have a parking ticket, it remains valid. You do not need to purchase a new one.

When you visit, you show your old reservation as well as your new one, this can also be done on a telephone. The ticket does not have to be printed.


Do I always have to go to the ticket office, even if I have purchased an online ticket?

Yes, the online tickets must also be scanned at our box office on the Stalplein. This way we know whether all pre-purchased tickets have actually been submitted.

Do I get a 65+ discount? And which discount passes are also valid?

There is no 65+ discount on a visit to the castle or the gardens. The following discount passes provide free entry or discount for a castle visit (excluding the indicated fees for special activities and events):

Vereniging Rembrandt/ICOM
Holland Pass (Silver)
Vriendenloterij VIP-kaart

Can I pay with cash?

It is not possible to buy tickets for the park or castle in cash. We only accept credit or bank cards.


What is Haarzuilens Castle and Slot Zuylen?

Over the years, people have used many names for De Haar Castle. The most heard are Haarzuilens Castle, Haarzuilen Castle, Haarzuylen Castle, ter Haar Castle, De Haer Castle and De Haar House. But it is all the same castle: De Haar Castle. Slot Zuylen, on the other hand, is a different castle, near Utrecht

Why can’t I see all the rooms in the castle?

De Haar Castle has 200 rooms. Partly because of fire safety and a large number of rooms that are still under renovation, we limit ourselves to the basement, the first floor and the bedrooms on the first floor. We hope to expand this offer in the future.

Does the family still own the castle?

No, the castle and park are owned by the De Haar Castle Foundation. The family still has the right to stay in the castle itself for 1 month a year, but instead they often come throughout the year and stay in the Châtelet (the ‘little castle’ to the left of the castle).

Where can I go with any questions about the castle’s history/residents/collection?

For this you can send an email to our Knowledge Working Group via

Can I have a photo or video shoot in the castle or park?

You can certainly come to De Haar Castle for photo and/or film recordings. For the conditions and making your request, please visit the page: “Photo and film recordings”.

Does the foundation receive a subsidy?

The foundation does not receive any structural subsidy, the costs must be fully covered by the income from our activities. However, the foundation has received a subsidy from the government for the restoration of the castle (70% subsidy and 30% own resources) and for the maintenance of the castle and park (50% subsidy for part of the maintenance).

How can I submit a complaint?

You can submit your complaint via the contactformulier or by sending a letter to our postal address: Kasteellaan 1, 3455 RR Haarzuilens. We appreciate all complaints and comments to help us improve our services.


Also consult our House Rules and Conditions.


Can I have someting to drink or eat at the castle?

The Museum Café, “Koetshuis de Haar” is located on “Stalplein” next to the entrance building for the park and castle. Every day, visitors to the park or castle can come here – or in the park café “Tuynhuis” – for coffee, lunch and drinks.